Car Care

Everyday our cars are subject to tests. The external image of our car is influenced by many factors.

First of all weather conditions. Low temperatures, snow and acidic rain during the winter. High temperatures and strong radiation in summer. They also cause damage throughout the year and bird droppings, tree sap and the exhaust which stick in color and not go with simple washing.
The internal image of our car is affected by dust, exhaust fumes, smoking, smells, stains, but mainly from the year make every driver and occupants of the.

The problems arising in our car from all the above conditions are discolored (rough surface, blur, burnt color, scratches, etc.) external & internal messy living room with lots of germs and bacteria that do not identify our eye. Also decreases the resale value of the vehicle.

What solutions have at our disposal in order to preserve our car as best as possible for as long as possible?

Regarding the external maintenance recommend t'akoloutha:

Wash your car yourself in hand with car shampoo with a neutral Ph and always clean microfiber cloths. If you do not want to do it yourself, ask someone serious professional Hand wash only. The washing brushes cause damage.

If you have scratches, various speckle, blur the color etc., Then you need to polish your vehicle and possibly reset color. You should consult a professional. The polishing is not easy.

The technician must be to be aware of the object. Do not let pearls, glass and holograms. Before you pick up your car, ask them to turn on their headlights or to make out to check out in the sunlight. Only then will see if there are "imperfections" in the quality of his work.

The cost of implementation depends on the state of the color and size of the vehicle. Not recommended polished your vehicle more than three times on average a decade. To keep the result of polishing or to maintain existing good condition of your car, it is imperative to protect it with a paint protection product such as:

The simplest maintenance is waxing. At least two must be waxed your vehicle three times a year. With very careful use, you can protect your car for two-three months. Whatever your promise no longer holds. The implementation cost is proportional to the size of the vehicle and wax brand will use the professional.

Other products available in the market are Teflon, titanium, nanotechnology and ceramic protection. Promise protection from bird droppings, resins, exhaust etc. It is stronger than the candle. The first three materials have a lifespan of two to three years, subject to annual maintenance. We will calculate the cost of implementation and the cost of annual maintenance. Finally the ceramic paint protection is the third and most advanced generation of this class. It is a product of champions of formula, Williams F1. An invention of NASA and was originally designed for military use to reduce friction and heat. Lasts five years and is the only one that has a written guarantee from the manufacturer and requires no annual maintenance.

Your car should be beautiful and internally. To accomplish this, you must not leave without cleaning for long periods. It is advised to clean it at least yourself with like and a powerful vacuum cleaner or give it to a professional.
A more complete option is the biological cleaning. Can be done every 1.5 to 2 years. If you have fabric living room and want full protection, you can waterproofing lounge. If you have leather upholstery should peripoieisthe and to moisturize annually.

Otherwise it will dry the skin and make scars. If your car is a convertible, it is advisable to maintain the hood annually.

Finally we would like to point out not neglect to sterilize the cabin and the air conditioning in your vehicle. There are invisible threats. Viruses and bacteria. You can fight with various chemical sprays on the market or the perfectly natural use ozone.